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Violent Crime Increase in NYC
New York City is seeing a violent crime surge similar to Chicago. Commissioner Shea credits inmate release due to COVID-19 and bail reform for the increase in violence. Combine that with budget cuts and pulling specialized police units off the street and public safety is plummeting. We are fortunate in Omaha. We have a strong community relationships and government leaders who put a priority on public safety. But that could change. If you believe public safety should remain a priority,...

Police Budget Cuts Lead to Increased Violent Crime
We have said it before, police budget cuts hurt innocent victims the most. ‬‪ This story references research that indicates that when the legitimacy of law enforcement drops in public opinion, violent crime goes up. ‬We are working with the community having hard conversations, willing to listen, and learn. We want positive relationships with our community. We need the community to support and work with us as well. We have to work together to keep violent crime in check. Defunding/disba...

Encouragement from the Community
Sometimes it can be discouraging when loud voices are putting down law enforcement. It is nice to be encouraged by those in the community thankful for our service and protection. Here are a few cards and letter that have come in the last few weeks expressing thankfulness and encouragement to Omaha Police Officers. We are so grateful for our wonderful community and their support!

The ones who suffer most when police budgets are cut are the victims.
The ones who suffer most when police budgets are cut are the victims. Many governments were already looking for ways to reduce costs due to lost revenue from COVID-19. Now, some politicians are caving to mob demands to defund the police.With more criminals on the street and fewer police and detectives working to protect citizens, violent crime will continue to rise unchecked. For those communities defunding or actually disbanding police departments, be careful what you wish for. If you are ...

We are Omaha, Nebraska. We serve the Omaha Citizens as Omaha Police Officers.

OPOA Response to Senator Vargas Statement against Police
As an elected lawmaker, Senator Tony Vargas must know the difference between a peaceful protest and violent resistance. Senator Vargas stood by as businesses in his district were damaged and officers were pelted with rocks and urine, then later used his campaign social media accounts to blame the police. Senator Vargas owes Omaha Police Officers an apology. - OPOA President Tony Conner