Police Budget Cuts Lead to Increased Violent Crime

We have said it before, police budget cuts hurt innocent victims the most. ‬‪

This story references research that indicates that when the legitimacy of law enforcement drops in public opinion, violent crime goes up.

‬We are working with the community having hard conversations, willing to listen, and learn. We want positive relationships with our community. We need the community to support and work with us as well. We have to work together to keep violent crime in check.

Defunding/disbanding police departments will only make communities more dangerous.

Positive police/community relations is key in reducing crime and improving quality of life. And relationships are two-way. It takes positive support and cooperation from the community as well to make things work.

We are fortunate here in Omaha to have strong working relationships with our community and community leaders. We look forward to building on that strength in these days to make Omaha an even better place.